Care & Guarantee

1. Hold the TOP of the hairwrap with thumb and index finger, pull down. This compresses instead of stretching the hairwrap. As the hairwrap compresses the wrap expands making it easier to remove without damaging hair or wrap! For curly, tangled or matted hair it is best to use method two.

2. Unwrap hair in a counter clockwise direction going from the bottom up. This is the best method for curly, tangled or matted hair.

The wraps are waterproof and intended to be used over and over again. For the best care do not stretch or twist excessively.  Hairwraps are not recommended for swimming. Swimming can tangle and mat the hair making it difficult to remove without damaging or breaking it. Hairwraps are most flexible when warm, bending at cold temperatures may damage or break the material.

We stand behind our product and assuming the care instructions are followed, they are made to be used over and over again. If you have any problems with your hairwrap contact us for a replacement.