Hair Wrap Embroidery Floss

Hair Wrap Embroidery Floss


Let your little girls get creative with Amazing Hairwraps


We can forgive young girls for their vanity. It seems that young girls are always preoccupied with how they look and they spend a lot for time experimenting with different clothes, shoes and hairstyles. Your little girl will typically pay much attention to her hair. You will see her combing and styling it in different styles, sometimes trying to imitate your style. This is a stage that young girls go through and as a parent you should not be bothered by it at all.


What if you could provide your daughter with a safe, fun, easy to use item that she can use to style her hair in whichever ways she fancies? She will certainly be thrilled. Jeff and Lydia Cunningham thought the same thing when developing the Amazing Hairwraps brand of hair wrapping threads. These threads are currently manufactured at the Amazing Sandbox studio in Charleston, South Carolina which the couple owns.


Supreme fun with hair wraps


Wrapping hair with strings is a very simple yet enjoyable activity for small girls who have long hair; all they need is good quality hair wrap embroidery floss. At Amazing Sandbox we are dedicated to manufacturing the best quality hair wrapping threads that your little girls will enjoy using. Our brand of hair wrap is available in 38 different colors and in several sizes. Your little girl will readily find all her favorite colors in this assortment. Most girls typically ask for threads in different colors and sizes.


The good thing about our product is that it is not permanent with regards to use. Therefore, your daughter can wear it on her hair and remove it as many times as she likes. There is also no limit to the number of ways your daughter can use Amazing Hairwraps on her hair. She can use them with ponytails or pigtails, or just wrap them on strands of hair. Your daughter can use one color or combine several as she likes. She can alternate between various colors depending on her whims. She will certainly have fun doing hair wraps with her friends and this will help to keep them occupied and free from mischief. Amazing Hairwraps can not alter hair in any way nor react with your child’s skin.


Highest quality material


When we started producing Amazing Hairwraps, we knew that we were coming up against fierce competitors but we didn’t let them intimidate us. We just concentrated our efforts on developing hair wrap embroidery floss that is more durable than any other in the market and one that is easily wrapped around hair and removed. We can now present to you the fruits of our labor – premium quality hair wrapping threads that we make by hand, piece by piece.