Hair Wrap Thread

Hair Wrap Thread


Versatile hair wrap thread for innovative girls


Jeff and Lydia Cunningham invented Amazing Hairwraps. This South Carolina couple revolutionized the industry by developing a special ‘space age’ material called C12 TSR  which is the raw material now used for making Amazing Hairwraps. These hair wraps are made by hand in the couple’s Amazing Sandbox gallery in Charleston. Strings made from this new material are superior to the ones made of plastic and other inferior materials.


Versatile wraps


The wraps we make in the Cunningham’s gallery are versatile when you compare them to others. Our goal is to make strings that girls can play with in different ways.

If a girl wants a simple hair wrap in a matter of seconds, all she needs to do is gather a small amount of hair, a pencil-sized strand, and twist it twice. She will then take a hair wrap thread of her choice and place the top end at the beginning of the hair strand then twist the thread around the strand of hair and voila – the hair wrap will be in place.


Girls can use more than one string if they want to create beautiful patterns. We supply these threads in many colors so that girls can choose the colors they want. Using multiple threads is also very easy; all a girl has to do is wrap the threads one at a time. A girl who loves wearing her hair in ponytails or pigtails can also use Amazing Hairwraps to hold them in place. It will take only a few seconds to have the wraps in place, because all she’ll have to do is apply the hair wrap thread around those ponytails or pig tails.


Favorite colors


School girls belong to clubs and other social circles and most of these groups have colors that they identify with. Amazing HairWraps are available in 38 different colors, so girls can find all the colors they identify with and use them to wrap their hair as a sign of affiliation to their groups. Most children have favorite colors that they prefer to wear most of the time. Even if a girl doesn't want a hair wrap thread with a color linked to any group, she can still find her favorite color in our selection.

Quality hair wrap thread


At the Cunningham’s gallery we pay a lot of attention to quality simply because we are afraid of disappointing our young customers with poor quality threads. Luckily, we have a very reliable raw material that other manufacturers don't have.