Hair Wrap With String

Hair Wrap With String


Hair wrapping strings that give you great value for money


For many of us, the decision to buy or not to buy something depends on its price. We are more likely to buy something that we think is fairly priced. If the price of an item is too low we often become suspicious about its quality and we wonder whether we are being tricked into spending money on a useless item. On the other hand, if the price is too high many people will balk at paying for it.


This is typically how we make decisions - whether we are buying costly assets like homes or small trinkets like hair wrapping strings. While analyzing prices makes a lot of sense, it is often impossible to tell what exactly a fair price for something should be. This analysis is often subjective and many times we end up making wrong conclusions.


Hair wrap strings  are widely available in the market and quite frankly they don’t cost a fortune. So, why should you obsess over their prices? Well, the truth is that you shouldn’t; you do not need to fret over what you are paying for hair wrapping threads if you are buying the Amazing Hairwraps brand of strings.


Introducing Amazing Hairwraps


Meet Amazing Hairwraps, premium quality strings for wrapping hair. We, the Cunninghams, invented and now manufacture them by hand at our Amazing Sandbox gallery in South Carolina. We, Jeff and Lydia Cunningham, have worked hard to produce high quality threads for girls who enjoy doing hair wrap with string.


Hair wrapping with string is a fun-filled activity that young girls – and a good number of not so young - enjoy very much. The disappointment that girls endured courtesy of low quality strings spurred us into action; we set out to produce a type of thread that will satisfy our customers’ love of making hair wrap with string. Our efforts have culminated in the development of a special material that we call C12-TSR that we use in our gallery to make these strings. This material is very long lasting, flexible, waterproof, and is not toxic.


Forget about the price


Don’t focus too much on cost when you set out to shop for Amazing Hairwraps since they are affordably priced. Think of the other benefits they offer such as durability; they can be used over and over before they have to be replaced. They are also available in 38 different colors and your daughter gets to choose all the colors she wants. They are also available in different sizes, each one with its own price. Ultimately, you will get such good value for money that price will no longer matter for you.