Hair Wrapping String

Hair Wrapping String


Bringing back the fun in hair wrapping with trendy durable hair wrapping string


Long beautiful hair is many a girl’s most prized possession. If in doubt just look at how much time and attention girls devote to their hair. Girls wash, pamper, and style, their hair with so much affection. Young girls – and some not so young – like wrapping their hair with colorful hair wraps. A hair wrap is a flexible string that can be coiled around a bunch of hair. The popularity of hair wraps has inspired many entrepreneurs to come up with this product, however not every hair wrapping string is good enough for the task.


Strings are readily available but many girls are dissatisfied with the ones they buy cheaply because they don't last and they are difficult to work with; poor quality strings definitely take the fun out of hair wrapping. This inspired Lydia and Jeff Cunningham to take action and develop the Amazing Hairwraps brand of hair wrapping strings. The Cunninghams’ brand of hair wraps is handmade at the Amazing Sandbox in Charleston, South Carolina.


Hair wrapping with string should be fun


With our Amazing Hairwraps brand of string we intend to bring the fun back to hair wrapping. One of the ways we have done this is through manufacturing these strings in many different colors. Girls love having fun with colors and we knew that they would be happy if they could select strings of whatever colors they prefer.


These strings can be put to many creative uses. For instance, a group of friends can decide to wrap their hair in identical hair wrapping string so that they’ll all look alike. Young girls love doing things together and they can enjoy spending time together wrapping each others’ hair with Amazing Hairwraps. Girls can also show their love for their favorite sports teams or clubs by wrapping their hair with strings bearing these teams colors.


Flexible, reusable hair wrapping string


Because we want hair wrapping to be fun we manufacture strings that are very flexible and strong. Therefore, they can be reused several times and if the user is careful with them they can last for a long time. Their flexibility makes them very easy to wrap and unwrap.

Quality guaranty


Everything that comes out of our Amazing Sandbox Studio is of very high quality. We make hair wrapping strings from a special raw material that we invented in-house. This material is durable, reusable, and is completely free from toxic chemicals. It is therefore safe for little girls who sometimes put things in their mouths, in addition to being environmentally-friendly.