Hair Wrapping With String

Hair Wrapping With String


Where to find good quality American-made hair wrapping string


To buy hair wrapping string for your daughter all you need to do is go on line where you will find dozens of retailers selling cheap strings. Their low prices will impress you as will the promises of quality and durability. Nevertheless, like many buyers, you will be truly disappointed as soon as your order arrives and you discover that what you thought was fabulous hair wrap is nothing but junk.


You can trace the problem with the cheap strings you have bought all the way back to their source. You see, many retailers have developed a taste for selling cheap imported items often made of low quality materials with almost no regard to quality and safety standards. As a discerning consumer you obviously want only the very best hair wrapping string for your daughter. Jeff and Lydia Cunningham of South Carolina invented Amazing Hairwraps to cater to consumers like you.


Handmade quality hair wrapping string


Amazing Hairwraps was started with the aim of providing quality handmade hair wraps for the American market. We are in competition with cheap imported brands; however we don't obsess with thoughts about them. Instead, we have chosen to concentrate on providing hair wraps that meet strict quality and safety standards.


Jeff Cunningham, inventor of Amazing Hairwraps, developed a material called C12-TSR from which we now make our hair wraps. Items made from this material are superior to our competitors’ products in many ways. Parents are always concerned about their children’s health; rest assured that this material is completely non toxic. This should be an issue of concern because children have a tendency of putting things in their mouths. Dubious imported hair wraps could be made of undisclosed toxic substances that can end up putting your daughter’s health at risk. The material we use is also friendly to the environment and reusable. When you daughter decides to do away with her hair wraps you shouldn’t have any worries about disposing them.


Our hair wraps are long-lasting unlike cheap imported types. We are keen on making durable wraps because children will pull and twist them repeatedly. Our wraps can withstand the pulling and twisting without breaking because the material they are made from is very flexible.


Buy American

When you buy your daughter’s hair wraps from Amazing Hairwraps you contribute to the growth of our economy, rather than enriching unscrupulous manufacturers in other countries. By supporting us you also enable us to bring you more beautiful hair wraps.