Hair Wraps With Thread

Hair Wraps With Thread


Amazing Hairwraps are hair wrapping threads that children will enjoy playing with


Hair wrapping threads are among young girls’ favorite playthings and they love making hair wraps with thread in their free time. They enjoy playing with these threads and  typically wrap and un-wrap their hair many times whenever they are playing hairstylists. Because girls are very fond of these threads they need good quality durable threads that they can easily wrap on their hair and remove with ease.


Amazing Hairwraps


In response to demand for high quality and easy to use hair wraps, Jeff and Lydia Cunningham introduced the Amazing Hairwraps line of hair wrapping thread. We manufacture these threads by hand in our South Carolina Amazing Sandbox studio. Being innovative and artistic individuals, we are driven by a high desire to achieve quality.




The Cunningham’s have worked hard to place Amazing Hairwraps at the top and they have succeeded. Their efforts culminated in Jeff’s development of a material we call C12-TSR which is the raw material we use for making Amazing Hairwraps.


Why girls love amazing Hairwraps


There are numerous companies selling threads over the internet but ours remain hot favorites for girls who have a passion for making hair wraps with thread. This is really not surprising considering how much effort we have invested in the design and manufacturing of these threads. Our greatest motivator is the desire to provide girls with threads that they will enjoy playing with and not damage their hair. We also want them to have a broad choice of threads to play with. To achieve these goals we do a number of things.


First, we have the widest selection of colors to choose from – 38 in total. With all these colors we can guarantee that every girl will find her favorite color/s. With this many colors we also give them the opportunity to get creative by mixing and blending different colors as they make hair wraps with thread. Secondly, we make Amazing Hairwraps from a special material that is very flexible and easy to coil especially when warm. This will obviously make a lot of girls happy because they won't have to struggle to wrap or un-wrap the threads.


Since kids will most likely play a lot with these threads, we decided to make them as durable as possible so that parents don’t have to buy replacements. When we compared several competing brands, we realized that most of them broke after being used for a very short period because they are made from weak material. We opted to make ours the better option – by making them strong yet flexible enough to withstand repeated wrapping and unwrapping.