Hair Wraps

Hair Wraps


Amazing Hairwraps: Where creativity and quality meet


Before we spend money on items like hair wrapping threads we often ask ourselves how long these items will be used before we have to replace them. Obviously we don't want to spend our hard-earned money on worthless items that will become useless in no time. We have many vendors who sell trinkets like earrings, pendants, bracelets, hair wraps, and the likes, that are of such poor quality that they don't last more than a few days.


Jeff and Lydia Cunningham of South Carolina took this as a challenge when they started their Amazing Sandbox art studio in Charleston.

Here we manufacture a variety of artwork including bronze sculptures, handmade earrings, hand-blown glass pendants, hair wraps, among others. All our products are inspired by two things, creativity and quality. At our gallery all the items for sale are made from the highest quality materials and with a keen eye on detail.


The Amazing Hairwraps


One of our products is the Amazing Hairwraps brand of hair wrapping threads. In designing this particular product we wanted to give our customers hair wrapping strings that would exceed their expectations. Many people don't think highly of such things as hair wrapping strings but we wanted to show them that we are capable of producing cutting-edge products, no matter how seemingly unimportant they are. Jeff Cunningham took the challenge head on and we now have the fruits of his labor to boast of – hair wraps that are so durable they can be used almost indefinitely. Jeff invented the material that we now use to make these threads. We simply call it C12-TSR.


We are very concerned about the question of durability because most people who use our product are young girls. Young girls enjoy tinkering with the hair wrapping strings, frequently wrapping them on their hair and removing them. Therefore, each piece  sustains repeated twisting and pulling, but thanks to our superior design they can tolerate all the activity without breaking. Besides being reusable, Amazing Hairwraps are available in many colors - 38 in total. Imagine what you can do with all these colors! At present we have three thread sizes that your daughter can choose from; large, medium and small.

Amazing Hairwraps will give you the best value for money because your daughter can use them over and over again prior to you having to replace them. In fact, you may end up replacing them not because they are damaged but because she is bored with them and wants new ones.