Silk Hair Wraps

Silk Hair Wraps


Where to find hair wraps with the widest choice of colors


Girls wear hair wraps to add some color to their hair. Hair wraps are very popular with young girls, although some teens and older ladies like to use them as well. The Amazing Sandbox gallery is the South Carolina-based hair wraps manufacturer founded by Jeff and Lydia Cunningham. Hair wraps and other assorted items are made here.


When it comes to hair wraps, our goal is to manufacture high quality, durable and colorful wraps that girls will enjoy wearing on their hair. Indeed, wearing hair wraps is meant to be fun, so we make wraps that are easy to use, colorful and long-lasting.


Amazing array of colors


At the Amazing Sandbox gallery we hand make string hair wraps in numerous colors. There are 38 colors currently available and customers can choose any color they like. We have some very good reasons for providing all these colors. First, we know that kids have different personalities. Individuals’ personalities influence a lot of things about them including their favorite colors, favorite styles of dressing, favorite shoes, and so on. We decided to offer all these colors because we wanted to cater to just about each and every child.


Children are very creative and like to experiment with new things. They can play around with differently colored hair wraps, mixing and matching various colors. Young girls also have an affinity for dressing up in colorful clothes and therefore they use colored hair wraps to complement the colors on their clothes.


Moods sometimes influence how people choose colors. We go for bright colors when we are happy, but prefer cool ones when we are more relaxed. Children also choose colors according to their moods. Children don’t like it when parents pick colors for them; when a parent attempts to do so, a child can get really annoyed. With all the colors we provide, girls have the liberty to select any string hair wraps that can satisfy their current whims.


Quality guaranty


Amazing Sandbox is totally dedicated to manufacturing quality hair wraps. The material we use to make string hair wraps is called C12-TSR; it was developed by Jeff Cunningham. It is durable and colorfast which means that even after being used for a long time its color will not wear out. The material is also quite flexible and so children will have no trouble fitting the strings. They will be able to apply them and remove them without adult supervision.