Silk Wrap Hair

Silk Wrap Hair


Hair wraps for girls both young and old


One difference between boys and girls that children notice from an  early age is the difference in length of hair. Parents trim their sons’ hair while letting their daughters’ hair grow long. In most parts for the world it is accepted that boys should have short hair and girls have long hair. It is also accepted that girls should decorate their hair with beautiful accessories like ribbons and silk hair wraps, whereas boys are only entitled to regular trimming and little else. Therefore, parents buy hair wraps and other accessories for their daughters so they can beautify to their hair.


Wrapping hair with strings


Girls, both young and old, like wrapping their hair with string. Perhaps the most reliable brand of such string that you can find in the U.S. is Amazing Hairwraps manufactured by the Amazing Sandbox gallery in South Carolina. We decided to call them “amazing” because our customers find them to be just that – amazing.


These hair wraps are remarkable because they are very flexible – as flexible as silk hair wraps. Because of this flexibility, girls have discovered many ways of using them. For instance, girls with long hair use them to keep strands of hair out of their faces. Girls are typically irritated by hair falling over their faces during play, so they can use our hair wraps to hold the hair in place.


Amazing Hairwraps threads can also be used to style hair. We produce them in 38 different colors and in three different sizes. Girls can combine various lengths and colors to style their hair with beautiful patterns. These hair wraps are very easy to use with and it only takes a few minutes to set them in place. Removing them doesn't require much effort either.


Highest quality hair wrapping strings


At the Amazing Sandbox company where we make Amazing Hairwraps, quality is our top priority. We don’t take quality for granted; the founders, Jeff and Lydia Cunningham, won’t let us.


The Cunninghams invented this brand of hair wraps in response to customers’ complaints about unsatisfactory strings in the market. We use a unique ‘space age’ material that was invented by none other than Jeff Cunningham. Using this material we are able to make high quality hair wraps that exceed others you find in the market. Amazing Hairwraps are waterproof and colorfast so they retain their original colors even after being used for long periods of time.