String Hair Wrap

String Hair Wrap


Quality hair wraps that children can wear on special days


As a child, do you remember eagerly looking forward to special days such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays and others? You must have enjoyed all the festivities and the presents you received on these occasions as well as the fun and merriment surrounding you. If you are a parent with young kids you definitely know that your kids love these special days just like you did.


For many kids, and especially girls, the highlight of a special day is the attire they choose for the day. Girls learn a lot from their mothers – they see how much effort their moms put into preparing themselves for events like parties and weddings. Girls have learned that on special days one has to dress a little differently in order to prominently be part of the activities going on. When it comes to accessorizing, your daughter does not have as many accessories at her disposal as you do but one thing she will definitely appreciate is a string hair wrap that she can use to decorate her hair on that special day.


Introducing Amazing Hairwraps

Girls love Amazing Hairwraps from the Amazing Sandbox gallery. Amazing Hairwraps are a product of Jeff and Lydia Cunningham’s quest for quality strings that girls are able to use to wrap their hair. Our strings are very popular with girls, because they are so versatile. Girls use them to embellish their hair when preparing for parties and themed events like Halloween and sports days.


We manufacture our strings in 38 different colors so that girls can choose all their favorite color combinations. The only thing that will limit them in their selection is their own imagination. For instance, on the day their team is playing, cheerleaders can use string hair wrap with the team’s official colors. This will be a great addition to their cheerleading outfits which are certain to bear their team colors. For Halloween, girls can come up with a combination of colors to create interesting personas. During her birthday your daughter can do a string hair wrap with colors that complement her outfit and color scheme for the party.


Promise of quality


Many people don’t think that hair wrapping string can be used more than a few times and they are always proven right because to date, they have only managed to buy poor quality strings. We decided to make strings that your daughter can use on many different occasions; we achieved this by making Amazing Hairwraps from a special space age material that Jeff Cunningham invented. Our strings are thus long-lasting, very easy to use, and very versatile.