Thread Hair Wrap

Thread Hair Wrap


Where to find hair wraps that can withstand your daughter’s enthusiasm


When children find something interesting to play with, they will spend a lot of time tinkering with it. There is little a parent can do to dissuade a child from a toy or other play object that they have taken a liking to. If you buy your daughter some hair wraps, she is likely to fall in love with them because they are very colorful and fun to play with. These threads are very easy to apply and remove from the hair and your little girl is bound to do just that over and over again.


One problem could ruin you little girl’s enjoyment of her new hair wraps - poor quality. Many of the hair wrap threads you see around are of very poor quality and therefore can not withstand your daughter’s enthusiasm. They will snap within a very short time, leaving your little girl unhappy as you scramble for replacements.


Enter Jeff and Lydia Cunningham with the new Amazing Hairwrap


Worry no more because one South Carolina couple has created a novel type of thread hair wrap that is so durable; it can be used over and over without breaking. The Cunninghams own the Amazing Sandbox gallery where we make the Amazing Hairwrap. We created the Amazing Hairwrap in response to parents who were tired of buying their daughters new threads all the time because they simply couldn’t last long. The secret to Amazing Hairwraps’ durability is the material we use to make them. Thanks to Jeff’s ingenuity, we now have a unique raw material that our competitors don't have. This material is what we use in handcrafting Amazing Hairwraps at our gallery.


One thing that makes our thread hair wrap more durable is its flexibility. When designing this product we considered the fact that girls typically twist and untwist the threads so many times and this is one of the reasons why they break quickly. We didn’t intend to limit their freedom to use these threads as they pleased, so we decided to make them very flexible so that they can withstand all the twisting.


Another complaint we had in mind as we developed Amazing Hairwraps is that threads lose their color quickly. This is common with low quality threads whose colors start fading after immersion in water. When threads fade, girls throw them away because they are no longer attractive. We on the other hand make colorfast thread hair wrap such that no matter how many times they are immersed in water their colors will always remain intact.